Skilled Auto Repair & Honest Business Practices

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WG Auto is a family-owned and operated automotive service shop handling mechanical and collision repairs on all types of American, European, and Asian vehicles, including small diesel trucks. Most auto repair shops in Fort Myers don’t do mechanical repairs and auto body work, but we can do it all—plus we offer towing. Our business is based on developing and providing a wide range of skills, and maintaining honest business practices.

A Little WG Auto History

Our owner, Wilson Gomes, moved to Fort Myers from Massachusetts, where he worked in an auto body shop and also performed mechanical repairs for customers. Once he got to Florida, friends and neighbors found out he knew how to work on cars and sought out his services. Eventually, so many people were asking him to work on their vehicles that Wilson decided he needed a permanent location for his automotive and collision repair business.

Wilson opened WG Auto at the end of Hanson Street in 2008, and hasn’t looked back since. He hasn’t had time! More and more Southwest Florida drivers—from Naples to Sarasota—are bringing their cars and trucks to our shop, and we even have one of Wilson’s original customers from Massachusetts on our roster. Quality work and straightforward, friendly service have earned us many loyal customers, and for that, we’re very happy and proud.

WG Auto Today

Today, WG Auto consists of five mechanical technicians and four collision experts, enabling us to handle all types of issues, from scheduled maintenance to repairs after an accident. In the auto repair industry, every day is different (which we love!) but for us, at least one thing remains constant—providing honest, value-minded service.

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