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Five Stars Icon "Wilson work on my vehicles for many years. At least 8 years. Since I moved here to Fort Myers. Honest and very helpful, he always give he honest opinion what I should do right away, and what can wait. He also did a paint job on a 07 corolla S I had. The paint was really bad when I brought it, and he did a perfect match. The roof, the bumpers and the side mirrors looked just like new. If you are looking for a honest mechanic, at the same time affordable, I recommend call him."
Carlos Feliciano
Five Stars Icon "The best mechanic in this area, there no questions about it"
Makindy Emogene
Five Stars Icon "Service was fast and Vanessa and Wilson were awesome! I will be recommending this place! Thanks for the great service."
Jennifer Garza
Five Stars Icon "Only mechanic I trust with my car. Fast service and great pricing."
V.R. D.P.
Five Stars Icon "The best mechanic shop around!!!!!"
Juliano Macarroni
Five Stars Icon "Awesome Service, very friendly
and cost conscious!"
Vicki Johnson-Christensen
Five Stars Icon "Fantastic place. Honest, reliable, very helpful
& affordable. This is definently the place to go
especially for import vehicles. Gabi is the best!"
Nicki Barrett
Five Stars Icon "Wilson is a very honest mechanic man, I took my car there several times during these last approximately 4 years, and he was always very accurate on his diagnostics, also he has a competitive price.
Jesiel Fernandes
Five Stars Icon "Affordable, honest and friendly service."
Amanda Bent